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Habenaria radiata
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Cypripedium californicum

A rare species native to northern California and southern Oregon.
  • Habitat: Northern California.
  • Height: 4 to 5 feet.
  • Flowering period: late May to June.
  • Description: 6 years old plant
    from seed.
  • 6 leaves.
  • 6 inches in height.
  • Description: Lemon scent flower
    lasting 3 weeks.
  • When purchased, it takes about
    3 years to bloom.
  • Price: Minimum 2 growths/noses
    in pot: $30.00

Habenaria radiata Habenaria radiata (egret flower)  

This plant is native to Korea, China and Japan. The flowering season is August to September. It enjoys 80 to 100% sunlight. Habitat is acidic and moist area.

< Sale begins Nov. 2015>

Photo Bletilla yunnanensis  
It has smaller stature than Bletilla striata.
Blooming season is early summer.

Second generation from the original plant.

Expect some variation from plant to plant.

< Price: 2 pots: $20.00 >

Photo Spathoglottis gracilis  

Native to New Guinea, Northern Australia and islands of the Pacific Ocean.
Warm growing plant.
Yellow flowers bloom consecutively.

< Price: 2 pots: $20.00 >

Photo Spiranthes sinensis  

Native to Australia,Asia and Pacific Islands.
Pink to red flowers bloom summer to autumn.
Leaves are 3 to 4 inches long.

< Price: 2 pots: $30.00 >

Photo Spiranthes cernua odorata  

Native to Canada to the central and eastern United States.
Blooming season is late summer to autumn.
White, fragrant spiral flowers.
Easy to grow.

< Price: 2 pots: $20.00 >

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