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Habenaria radiata
1625 Morgan Court, Mountain View, CA 94043

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We are a company located in Mountain View, California, growing orchid plants from seed.
The manager of Arirang Orchids has Bachelor's degree in Forestry and more than 10 years of orchid seed sowing experience.
We offer Cypripedium californicum, Bletilla yunnanensis,Spathoglottis gracilis, Spiranthes sinensis, and Spiranthes cernua odorata.
Our objective is to satisfy the customers' needs and to propagate orchid species.
We are a small, family-owned company. All purchases are satisfaction guaranteed during one month from the shipping date. Goods returned in original packaging within one month from the shipping date will be refunded.

We recommend potential customers to read the following books that are very informative and beneficial.

Plant growing weather conditions in Mountain View, CA are below.

Mountain View, California Weather
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Record
Avg. Low Temp(°F) 444648505356585857534743Min.19
Avg. High Temp(°F) 496265687275767677736559Max.107

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